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Applying for an ESA letter with the team ESA Therapist is straightforward and quick. You will need to answer a simple 5-minutes questionnaire, submit your application, and wait for the evaluation. And if you qualify, you will receive your ESA letter in no time. Get in touch with us to apply for an emotional support animal letter in NORTH CAROLINA.

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You need to fill up an online form that will require some details about you and your mental health condition.


A North Carolina state-licensed mental health professional will evaluate the online form filled out by you. Based on the evaluation, you will get approval for your ESA Letter.


After the approval, ESA Letter will be issued to you which you will receive directly in your Email inbox. This letter can be printed and used wherever needed.

What all is there in an ESA Letter?

Below is the information that an ESA Letter must:
Name of the Person
Health Condition Details
ESA Treatment Reason
Issued and Expiry Date of Letter
Details of ESA
Health Professional Details
ESA Issuer Signature
State License Details

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How is North Carolina for Emotional Support Animals?

With many popular tourist spots like Charlotte Motor Speedway and Great Wolf Resort, North Carolina is a great place for tourism. Many people are benefiting from this tourism and earning their wages. But even in a growing place like North Carolina people have fallen prey to illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Emotional support animals can help these people in the treatment of their mental health conditions. ESAs are welcome in North Carolina. They have similar rights as they have in many states. ESAs can get housing with their owners even in no-pet buildings. The landlords are bound to provide housing to people with disabilities even if they need an ESA. The only thing needed to do this is an ESA letter from a state-licensed health professional.
Who can write an ESA Letter?
According to the NORTH CAROLINA law on emotional support animals, not any medical professional can sign an ESA letter. Only a licensed mental healthcare professional (LMHP) has the authority to write and issue a legitimate ESA letter. Here is a list of a few professionals who can give an emotional support animal letter in NORTH CAROLINA:
  • A Licensed Behavioral Therapist
  • A Licensed Addiction Therapist
  • A Licensed Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist
  • A licensed psychiatrist
  • A licensed psychologist
  • A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • A licensed Professional Counselor
  • A licensed doctor qualified to conduct mental health assessments
  • A Licensed Clinical Social Worker
What are the Qualifying Conditions for an ESA Letter?
Nowadays, most people suffer from mental health issues and need help to better themselves. And an emotional support animal can help them improve their lifestyles without medication. But how to find out whether a person has a mental health condition that can be treated with an ESA or not. Many mental health conditions can be considered common qualifying conditions. If you have one of the following mental health conditions, you can apply for an ESA letter in NORTH CAROLINA:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder
  • Substance-related disorder (alcohol, drugs)
  • OCD- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Phobias
  • PTSD-Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Acute Stress Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Learning Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Sexual disorder
  • Developmental coordination disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Autism and many more.
What are the benefits of acquiring an ESA Letter?
  • The no-pet policy will not be applicable to an ESA letter holder and his/her emotional support animal.
  • The landlord can not deny an emotional support animal based on its size, weight, and breed.
  • The tenant with an ESA letter does not have to pay any pet deposit or any additional fee in the name of multiple ESAs.
  • The tenants can have more than one ESAs if they need it. The landlords can not kick them out based on the number of emotional support animals.
ESA Housing Benefits
  • Live in no-pet housing
  • No more pet charges
  • 24 X 7 Online ESA Letter Support
  • A hassle-free downloadable copy of an ESA Letter.

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ESA Letter Laws in North Carolina

The Fair Housing Act is applicable in North Carolina. This law protects the people who need animal support for the treatment of their medical conditions.

North Carolina’s FHA for Emotional Support Animals

Not everybody knows about emotional support animals. There are many people who are unaware of the laws that protect ESA owners. Many people have restrictions in their houses or buildings for keeping a pet. People with a disability had to face these restrictions earlier as they were not allowed with ESAs to live in some rental houses. Fair Housing Act was established by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development also known as HUD to solve this problem being faced by mentally disabled people. FHA states that a landlord cannot deny a rental space to a mentally disabled person with an emotional support animal recommended for their treatment. No additional charges should be incurred for the accommodation of ESA with their owner.

Law for ESAs at Work

Unlike service dogs, it is not necessary for an employer to allow an ESA to work alongside its owner. American Disabilities Law does not cover ESAs to have similar rights as service dogs. It is up to the discretion of the employer to allow or disallow an ESA at work. The reason could be compassionate grounds or the increased ability of an employee to work better around their ESA. If an employee is allowed to bring an ESA, the ESA should behave in a good manner and not disturb other employees at work.

Campus Housing for ESA in North Carolina

Students are as much likely to have a mental health problem as normal people if not more. It becomes a serious issue if a student living on a college campus isn’t allowed an ESA. FHA does cover students living on college campuses. A student has the right to live with an ESA on the college campus according to FHA. There are some instructions that need to be followed while keeping an ESA on a college campus. ESA can accompany a student on a college campus only if the student lives in a single room without any sharing. Also, the ESA could not go with the student to academic places such as libraries, classrooms, etc.

ESA Travelling Law

An ESA no longer has the right to travel in a flight like a service dog. ESAs earlier had the right to travel along with their owner on a flight without any additional cost. Due to some disputes, this ESA right has been revoked. Now, it is at the airline’s discretion to allow or disallow an ESA to travel on the flight. An ESA could still be allowed by an airline if the owner has an ESA letter and can ensure that the ESA would behave well and remain seated in a small space in front of the owner’s seat. An ESA can’t necessarily travel on a flight. But an emotional support dog can be turned into a PSD. PSD is a Psychiatric Service Dog that has the rights just like other service dogs. The ESA dog just needs to behave in a good manner and prove that it can perform a certain task to help the person’s mental health condition. Once the ESA becomes a PSD, it can travel in a flight because service dogs are protected by the Air Carrier Access Act.

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Landlord Rights in North Carolina

There are some situations in which a tenant might have to leave the accommodation and they would not be protected by FHA. These situations may be:
  • If the ESA damages things belonging to the property, the tenant can be asked by the landlord to evict the place within a 10-day notice period.
  • If the ESAs behavior is threatening to other people living on the property, the landlord can ask the tenant to leave the place.

Know This Before Getting ESA

  • Any domestic pet that can be kept in a house can be an emotional support animal. Only cats and dogs are seen ESAs most of the time but other ESAs include miniature horses, birds, etc.
  • Comfort and emotional support are the main focus of an ESA. ESAs do not help in the way service dogs help their owners.
  • An ESA Letter can be issued only by a state-licensed health professional. Be attentive while you look for a method to get an ESA Letter.

Places in North Carolina to Visit With ESA

Beaches of the outer banks

Fantastic beaches along the barrier islands running for around 200 miles can be found in South Carolina. One can take their ESA to the beach to relax and get fresh air. Just make sure that the ESA does not litter on the beach to maintain cleanliness.

Grandfather Mountain

The Grandfather Mountain has some beautiful views that can be a wonderful experience for anybody. One can hike along the mountain with their ESA to get to Mile High Swinging Bridge which is there since 1952. Many people go on hiking in these mountains which makes it everybody’s duty to keep it clean.

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Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support Animal

Every little help!

Golden Retriever


The well-admired breeds of retrievers are Labrador and Golden Retrievers. These are well-known for the unwearied and friendly nature and make exceptional Emotional Support Animals.

German Shephard

German Shepherd

German shepherds are well known for their friendly nature and intelligence. They can prosper with humans in public places with some training. It’s an easy-going, approachable, and loyal breed.



Chihuahuas can endow with the vital emotional support to humans by learning the socialization. These are easy on-the-go travel breed. They do not require much exercise and come out to be the best family pets when treated with respect.



Pugs are the most loving pets that play nicely with kids. However, any age can advantage from their support. Pugs are cute and energetic support and provide so much love and support to humans. When trained, these come out to be an intelligent and friendly breed.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is an extremely large dog that is well admired for its calmness, affection, and smartness. These are skilled at diminishing human anxiety.

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are counted as loving companions for those who desire plenty of attention. Giving love and care to an ESA can sometimes be even more curative than receiving it.



Corgis is an affectionate, intelligent, and highly trainable breed. This breed requires more physical and mental activities to be healthy.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are a sensitive natured breed that helps in understanding human feelings. These are cuddly as well as staggering in size. It’s an easy-going dog breed that can make you feel loved and safer than ever.

Frequently Asked Question

Does North Carolina recognize emotional support animals?
Emotional support animals are recognized in the same way in North Carolina as in other states. People with mental health conditions can have ESAs and have rights that are required such as ESA housing.
How do you get an emotional support animal letter in NC?
My ESA Therapist is an online platform for ESA letters. It is the best way to get an ESA Letter in North Carolina as you can get it from the comfort of your home without going anywhere. Just fill up a form and submit it online. If a state-licensed health professional approves your application, you will receive your ESA Letter in your email.
Can a landlord refuse an emotional support dog in NC?
A landlord cannot refuse an emotional support dog in North Carolina except in a few cases. For example, if the breed of dog is not considered safe in the state, then the landlord can refuse the emotional support dog for safety reasons.
How do I register my Emotional Support Animal in NC?
There is no such thing as registering an Emotional Support Animal. A person with an ESA just needs to have a written letter from a state-licensed health professional in order to have all the rights meant for an ESA owner.
How do I qualify for an Emotional Support Animal?
A person with certain health conditions can qualify for an Emotional Support Animal. Only a state-licensed health professional can decide if you need an ESA to treat your medical condition.
Can I take my ESA on an Airplane?
ESAs no longer have the right to travel in an airplane. Earlier, the airlines could not deny boarding ESAs but now the rules have changed and it totally depends on the airline to let ESA travel on the flight. Many airlines do allow ESAs to travel with them with some specific instructions.
What can I do if the emotional support animal exhibits disruptive behavior?
If your ESA is behaving in a bad way, try training it yourself. If you do not know how to train then you can also get your ESA trained by professional trainers. It is important for your ESA to behave in a good manner to be able to be taken into public places.

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