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Legitimate ESA Letters for Connecticut Residents

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How to Get an ESA Letter Online in Connecticut?

To get the letter, book an appointment with a healthcare professional and discuss how an emotional support animal could benefit you. If the healthcare provider determines you qualify for an ESA letter, they will issue it. The letter will include their professional information, your diagnosis, and the need for an emotional support animal. To determine your qualifications, your healthcare professional will check whether your medical conditions are listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Moreover, your medical conditions must limit your day-to-day life activities. We offer the easiest way to get your letter. You can obtain it from home without dealing with complicated appointment procedures. We let you connect with Connecticut-based healthcare professionals online so you can get your letter from your home.

Our 3-Step Online Process

You can get your letter from your home with three easy steps. It is one of the fastest and most legitimate ways to obtain a letter without hassle. Follow the steps below:


Step-1 Schedule An Appointment

Create an account and schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional using our online form.

Step-2 Consult with Doctor

Join the video/audio call with the doctor and discuss your medical conditions and need for an emotional support animal.

Step-3 Receive Your ESA Letter

After approval, you will receive your Connecticut ESA Letter signed by our professional in your email.
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How Do You Ensure The Legitimacy Of Your Emotional Support Animal Letter In Connecticut?

The first and most important thing you should see is that the letter is on the official letterhead of the healthcare professional prescribing it. 

  • The healthcare professional’s information: A valid letter must include the recommending professional’s license details, such as the license type, the state where it was issued, and the date of issuance. Additionally, it should bear the issuing professional’s signature, stamp, and contact details.
  • Your need for an ESA: The letter should state that you have a medical condition that substantially limits one or more major life activities. These conditions can be improved with an emotional support animal.
  • Your information: The ESA letter should contain your personal information, including your full name, address, and contact number. This ensures the letter is appropriately identified and can be used for verification.
  • Validity of the letter: The letter must have the issue and expiry date. The expiry date may vary, but an ESA letter is generally valid for one year. A doctor’s recommendation or evaluation is valid for one year in Connecticut.

What Does Define an Emotional Support Animal in Connecticut?

An emotional support animal is a companion animal that benefits your mental or emotional disabilities. These are not trained animals. Their presence and unconditional love are enough to help you alleviate medical conditions and symptoms. To leverage the companionship of an ESA, you need a letter from a mental health professional. The letter must certify the need for the animal’s presence as part of your treatment plan.

How Do Connecticut's ESA Laws Protect Your Housing Rights?

Emotional support animals and their owners are protected under the Fair Housing Act. It is a title VIII of the Civil Rights Act 1968, as amended (42 USC 3601 et seq.). This legislation makes it unlawful for any lender to
discriminate in its housing against any person because of disability, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or familial status.

The Fair Housing Law requires landlords to make reasonable accommodations for a person with an emotional support animal to use and enjoy a dwelling. These accommodations may include modifications to pet policies, such as waiving pet fees or allowing larger or breed-restricted animals.

Disability Definition in the FHA

The FHA defines a disability concerning a person as follows:

  1. A mental or physical impairment that substantially restricts one or more life activities,
  2. A record of having such an impairment or
  3. Being regarded as having such disability (42 U.S.C. § 3602(h)).

What Are The Qualifications For ESA In CT?

To obtain an ESA letter in Connecticut, you must have a medical condition that significantly limits your day-to-day life. This condition may include, but is not limited to,

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Phobias
  • Panic attacks
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • ADHD
  • Chronic stress
  • Loneliness
  • Emotional distress
  • Other mental health conditions.

So, there is no fixed qualifying condition; it depends on the judgment of your healthcare professional. You can contact My ESA Therapist to know whether your medical condition needs the assistance of an emotional support animal.

What are the ESA Letter Connecticut Requirements?

Qualifying Medical Condition

You must have a medical condition that requires the assistance of an emotional support animal.

Consultation with a Healthcare Professional

You must consult with a healthcare professional and determine your need for a Connecticut ESA letter.

Prescription of an ESA Letter

The healthcare professional must provide an ESA letter on their official letterhead, stating that you need assistance from an emotional support animal for your medical conditions.

Compliance with State and Federal Laws

You must ensure that the ESA letter complies with all state and federal laws, including the Fair Housing Act.

What Benefits Can an Emotional Support Animal Letter Offer?

An ESA Letter enables the possession of an ESA

With an ESA letter, you can live with your animal legally. It is like a green ticket to get hold of a support animal and enjoy the benefit of animal-assisted therapy.

No Pet Charges

Having an ESA Letter exempts you from paying the pet fees. According to FHA, ESA is not considered normal pets. They must be free from financial burden to their owner.

No Age Limit For Animals

Sometimes, people refuse pets on their premises due to their age. However, an emotional support animal in CT is free from age, weight, size, or breed restrictions. You can Keep any pet as a support animal that alleviates your symptoms of health condition.

Enables Access to Pet-Restricted Housing

A Connecticut ESA letter is a sort of license that facilitates your living with your animal, even in a pet-restricted building. With this letter, landlords are legally obligated to make reasonable accommodations so you can live comfortably with your animal.

Do You Need Emotional Support Animal Registration In CT?

While some websites or organizations may offer ESA registration services, these registries are not recognized or required by state or federal law. That’s why no official or government-sanctioned registry for the Connecticut emotional support animal exists. Therefore, it’s essential to rely on legitimate documentation provided by mental health professionals in compliance with housing laws.

Do You Need a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter? My ESA Therapist Is Here To Offer.

If you’re considering the support of a psychiatric service dog (PSD), obtaining a PSD letter can be a beneficial step. It can secure your accommodation in housing and travel. To acquire a PSD letter, consult a healthcare provider who can examine your medical condition and provide the necessary documentation on their official letterhead. The document will outline your need for a PSD due to a mental health condition. Apart from the ESA letter, My ESA Therapist is well-known for providing PSD letters in Connecticut. Whether you require the assistance of a service dog or simply need an emotional support animal in CT, our experienced professionals are here to recommend. You can get your PSD letter from My ESA Therapist without stepping out.

Which Animal Can Become A PSD in Connecticut?

According to HUD guidance, to be eligible as service animals, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Any dog
  • The dog must be trained to work or perform tasks to benefit your disability.

The Dog’s work or tasks must be directly related to
the disability (Title 28 —Judicial Administration)

  • Guiding owners who are blind.
  • Alerting owners who are deaf.
  • Pulling a wheelchair.
  • Alerting their owner with epilepsy to an upcoming seizure and assisting during the seizure.

Why Connecticut Residents Believe in My ESA Therapist.

With a track record of authenticity and professionalism, we have earned the trust of countless individuals in CT seeking assistance with emotional support and psychiatric service animal needs. Our commitment to providing top-notch service and personalized care sets us apart as a leader in the field.

Legit Documents

With My ESA Therapist, you can trust that your letter is legitimate and meets all legal requirements.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

You will get your money back if not approved by our health professional. Yes, you heard that right. We believe in genuine service, so you don’t have to worry about your wallet.

An Entire Online Process

We offer a user-friendly ESA letter online in Connecticut so you can access our services from home. Our platform eliminates the need for in-person visits and saves time and effort.

Licensed Mental Health Professionals

Our network of experienced and licensed mental health professionals ensures you receive your legitimate ESA letter after proper evaluation.

Best-In-Class support

Our professional customer support team is always on standby to help you. Whether you have general inquiries or need help getting your ESA letter online in Connecticut, they will guide you through every step.


With years of experience in the field, we have helped numerous Connecticut residents get their ESA or PSD letters.

Word From Our Customers

While struggling with anxiety, I was hesitant to reach out for help, but My ESA Therapist made me feel comfortable from the start. The therapist was non-judgmental and understanding, and I felt heard and validated throughout the consultation. Thanks to their support, I now have my ESA letter and a newfound sense of confidence.

James Simms

My ESA Therapist has changed my life. My anxiety made living alone at home nearly impossible. Now that I can bring my dog, I can calm down and focus on him rather than my anxiety. I'm also able to go about my daily activities with a newfound sense of ease which looked impossible before.

M. Roach

My landlord contacted My ESA Therapist, and they spoke to him and cleared all the doubts he had and also signed additional documents required by the landlord. I'm grateful for their assistance in facilitating clear communication and ensuring that all parties involved were satisfied with the arrangement.

S. Greer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Financial Assistance Available For Obtaining An Emotional Support Animal Letter In CT?

It depends on your insurance or financial services company. You need to check with them to determine if you are eligible for coverage. Generally, the cost of obtaining an ESA letter in Connecticut is not covered by financial services.

Can I Get An ESA Letter For My Existing Pet In CT?

You don’t have to adopt a new pet to fulfill your emotional support animal role. If you have a pet that can help alleviate your medical symptoms, you can obtain an ESA letter for housing in Connecticut.

Can I Take My Emotional Support Animal To Restaurants In Connecticut?

Restaurants and hotels are not legally required to recognize emotional support animals. They are not legally bound but may allow your ESA for two reasons. First, people are generally aware of the benefits of ESA. They know it can help you deal with your medical conditions. Second, if your ESA shows good behavior, they may allow them to do so. They want the safety of their customers. If your ESA is calm and friendly, they may allow you to enjoy your food with your animal.

What Is The Difference Between ESA And Psychiatric Service Dog?

An Emotional Support Animal is a support animal that a licensed healthcare professional prescribes to provide you with therapeutic support. On the other hand, a psychiatric service dog is a trained animal that helps with day-to-day tasks related to your mental disability.

Where Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed in CT?

While PSD can go anywhere in public, support animals don’t have the same access and legal protection. They are legally required to be allowed in residence, regardless of pet restrictions. However, ESA are not allowed to fly, but some airlines may allow ESAs with their terms and conditions. ‍ Public places, such as shopping malls, stores, hotels, and restaurants, have no obligation to allow your emotional support animal in Connecticut to enter. However, if you ask early and provide your ESA letter, some places may accommodate your ESA.

What Is The Price of a Connecticut Emotional Support Animal Letter?

With My ESA Therapist, you can get your ESA letter for housing in Connecticut for $149. This fee includes a thorough consultation with a licensed healthcare professional and a digital recommendation letter in your Email.

What Are The Benefits Of A PSD Letter In Connecticut?

Apart from being a legitimate document claiming that your disability qualifies you for a PSD, it comes with many other benefits. The benefits of having a CT PSD letter include:

  1. Allows You to Live Anywhere
  2. Fly With Your Dog
  3. Take Your PSD to Your Workplace
  4. Public Access Rights

How Do I Avoid PSD or ESA Letter Scams in CT?

Scams are common these days, but doing a little homework can save you from these scams. Before obtaining a PSD or ESA letter, research the provider thoroughly. Ensure they employ licensed mental health professionals who adhere to legal standards. Be cautious of excessively low prices or promises of instant approval. Additionally, ensure the ESA letter features the provider’s official letterhead. Watch credible certifications, such as HIPAA or BBB. The website must feature contact information. By taking these precautions, you can protect yourself from fraudulent schemes and obtain a genuine PSD or ESA letter.

How Do I Avoid PSD or ESA Letter Scams in CT?

Scams are common these days, but doing a little homework can save you from these scams. Before obtaining a PSD or ESA letter, research the provider thoroughly. Ensure they employ licensed mental health professionals who adhere to legal standards. Be cautious of excessively low prices or promises of instant approval. Additionally, ensure the ESA letter features the provider’s official letterhead. Watch credible certifications, such as HIPAA or BBB. The website must feature contact information. By taking these precautions, you can protect yourself from fraudulent schemes and obtain a genuine PSD or ESA letter.