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Emotional Support Animal Colorado

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In Colorado, with daily life workload, people often get stressed or depressed with the hectic routines. There’s nothing better than getting a pet who is more like a companion for you in all such situations.
Owning a pet takes all our work stress away and provides you with all the love that you might be looking to get. Once you get your pet, you must get them certified as ESA to live with certain rights.

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How to get an Emotional Support Animal Letter in Colorado?

The process to get an Emotional Support Animal Letter is way too easy. You only need to follow these simple steps:

Apply Online

You can apply online and start filling the online evaluation form with your details and the pet’s information. You can then submit the ESA letter online.

Get Evaluated Online

Once you submit the form, your details will get evaluated by our licensed health physicians and check whether you need ESA assistance for your medical condition.

Receive Approval

At last, once you get approved, you will receive an ESA letter of approval via email and can get access to live with your pet on housing properties.
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How Can An ESA Letter Help You?

A valid Emotional Support Animal letter must indicate that the person is acquiring the therapeutic advantages for coping with intense emotions, anxiety, or any mental illness.

ESA Letter enables access to local places, like schools, offices, and workplaces, to individuals suffering from any emotional or mental health condition.
Once you own an ESA letter certified by ESA doctors, then you do not need to pay any extra charges for your pets.
With the help of an ESA letter, an individual can live on a rental property that strictly follows the ‘No pet Policy’.
If you are suffering from disabilities like social anxiety, then, according to the Rehabilitation act, you can bring your Emotional Support Animal to the college.
The best part of having an ESA letter is that it enables you to live with your pet without any restriction and lets you spend your best moments with your pet.

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Emotional Support Animal Colorado Law

An ESA letter states that any individual who suffers from a mental health condition can take therapeutic benefits from the emotional support animal. Emotional support dogs do not require any specialized training to assist their owners as per the Federal laws.

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Fair Housing Act Colorado

The Fair Housing Act protects people from getting discriminated against for their disabilities. As per the Fair Housing Act, people with some emotional or mental disability can live with their Emotional Support Animals on rental properties without paying any extra rental charges. A landlord cannot discriminate against the individual based on breed, weight, or size. Your owner or housing provider can not ask you for additional costs, and you can live on the properties that follow no pet policy.

What is an emotional support animal?

An Emotional Support Animal is a companion animal that assists its owner in overcoming issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma. 

They are not regular pets and are more like a best friend to us. Emotional Support Animals do not require specialized training to assist their owners and are protected under the Federal Fair Housing Amendment Act.

Benefits of an emotional support animal

There are several benefits of owning an Emotional Support Animal for an individual. Some of the major benefits are as follow:

  1. ESA can provide unconditional love to its owner.
  2. They can help to stabilize the intense emotions of a person.
  3. They provide social support to the person who lives alone.
  4. Emotional support animals can help in calming anxiety.

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Colorado

Getting an ESA letter in Colorado has become too easy as everything went online with My ESA therapist. There is no need to fix any appointments or visit anywhere; click on the apply now button and get certified by the ESA doctors, and soon you will receive your approval for the ESA letter. If you are a resident of Colorado, then you must follow the Colorado pet laws.
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An Exception to Rules

Some exceptions to rules do not protect you and your ESA, even under federal laws. Remember that if your animal poses any threat to the people, it may get denied from the emotional support animal. Make sure your dog is well-behaved and must be under the control of its owner.

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