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How to Get an ESA Letter in Oklahoma?

If you want an emotional support animal letter online in Oklahoma, consult a healthcare professional. The professional will evaluate your medical condition and determine if you qualify for an ESA letter. If you meet the criteria, the professional will send you an Oklahoma ESA letter.

To qualify for the letter, your medical conditions must be listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Moreover, your medical condition must significantly limit your day-to-day life activities.

My ESA Therapist offers a secure online platform to connect with highly qualified, Oklahoma-based healthcare professionals. We ensure you receive the expert support you need, all from the comfort of your home.

Our Process

You can get your letter from your home with three easy steps. It is one of the fastest and most legitimate ways to obtain a letter without hassle. Follow the steps below:


Book An Appointment

Create an account and book an online appointment with a licensed mental health professional.


Consult with Doctor

Join the online consultation with one of our doctors. During the consultation, the doctor will examine your medical conditions and need for an emotional support animal.


Receive Your ESA Letter

Once approved, you will receive your Oklahoma ESA letter in 24 hours.

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What Elements Validate The Legitimacy Of Your ESA Letter?

  • A licensed healthcare professional should issue the letter.
  • The letter should clearly state the professional’s credentials, including their full name, professional title, license number, and contact information.
  • The letter should include the validity period.
  • The letter should contain a statement indicating that you have a diagnosed mental health condition and that an ESA is part of your treatment plan for managing that condition.
  • The letter may describe your ESA, including its species, breed, and other characteristics.

What Defines An Emotional Support Animal In Oklahoma?

An Emotional Support Animal or ESA is a type of support animal that a licensed healthcare professional prescribes to provide therapeutic support for your mental or emotional disabilities.

These animals do not require specific training but are chosen for their ability to alleviate symptoms of mental health conditions through their companionship and presence. ESA is entitled to various accommodations, such as housing exemptions in Oklahoma.

What Are The Housing Laws For ESA In Oklahoma?

There aren’t specific Oklahoma emotional support animal laws. However, federal law, the Fair Housing Act, protects you or your ESA from housing discrimination.

The Fair Housing Act requires landlords to make reasonable accommodations for you, including allowing you to keep ESA in their residences. They are also exempt from pet deposits.

Under the act, a landlord may ask for proof of your need for an ESA. An emotional animal letter is the only supporting documentation you need to provide. A landlord can terminate your request for accommodation by presenting fraudulent documentation.

What Are The Employment Laws For ESA In Oklahoma?

While the FHA allows your landlord to accommodate your ESA request, no Oklahoma ESA laws protect your employment rights. It is up to your company to decide whether to allow you to bring ESAs to work.
Many Oklahoma companies are moving toward a pet-friendly work culture, which can be helpful for you.

To enjoy workplace rights with your therapy animal, consider training your animal to become a psychiatric service dog. This designation, recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act, grants various housing, public places, and employment accommodations.

What Are the Qualifications for an Emotional Support Animal Letter in OK?

The qualifications depend on the healthcare professional. They will determine if you can benefit from an ESA and provide the letter. Examples of some medical conditions that qualify you for an ESA in Oklahoma are:

  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Major depressive disorder
  • Major stress disorder
  • OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)
  • Panic disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Seizures

What are the Requirements for Emotional Support Animals in Oklahoma?

You Must Be Suffering From a Medical Condition

You must be diagnosed with a mental or emotional disability that significantly impacts your daily life and is alleviated by the presence of an ESA.

Consultation With a Healthcare Professional

You must consult a qualified healthcare provider for your emotional support animal needs. These professionals can write ESA letters or recommend emotional support animals.

You Must Have a Valid ESA Letter

You must have a legitimate ESA letter mentioning all the details of your conditions needed for an ESA and who is prescribing it. Ensure your letter complies with state or federal laws.


ESA letters must be renewed annually or as your healthcare professional recommends.

What Benefits Can You Enjoy With Your Emotional Support Animal Letter In Oklahoma?

Access to No Pet Housing Policies

Even in housing with strict “No Pet” policies, your ESA letter ensures you can live with your animal without facing discrimination.

Access to College Dorms With ESA

You can enjoy special accommodations in dormitories with your emotional support animals for added comfort and support.

Savings on Pet Fees and Deposits

You can save significant amounts of money every month by presenting your ESA letter in Oklahoma. You are exempt from pet fees ranging from $300 to $500.

Allows request of accommodation in public places or offices.

With an ESA letter, you can talk to the office or restaurant owner to ask them to allow your animal.

After Obtaining The ESA Letter, Do I Need To Register With Any Other Government Platform?

While some businesses claim that they will register your ESA in the government database for enhanced legal protections, that is not legitimate. No government department in Oklahoma registers emotional support animals. The ESA letter issued by a licensed mental health professional is the primary and legitimate documentation of your need for an emotional support animal. The letter will provide legal protections and accommodations under state and federal laws.

How To Get A Psychiatric Service Dog In Oklahoma?

You must obtain a PSD letter in Oklahoma to get a psychiatric service dog.
The process for obtaining this letter is relatively straightforward and follows a similar path to obtaining an ESA letter. You must consult with a healthcare professional who can examine your need for a psychiatric service dog and provide the necessary documentation, i.e., a PSD letter. This letter is official documentation of your need for a psychiatric service dog and grants you certain rights and accommodations under the law.

With My ESA Therapist, you can get your letter from home. We offer online consultations with the healthcare professionals. After online consultation, you will get your PSD letter via Email. It simply means you don’t need to step out of your home.

What Are The Rights Of Service Dogs In Oklahoma?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990), service animals are granted specific rights. They are allowed to accompany you to any public place where the public is permitted, such as restaurants, stores, or hotels.

Under the FHA (Fair Housing Act), you can receive reasonable accommodation in housing from your landlord. This means landlords must make exceptions to their pet policies to accommodate your PSD.

Moreover, employers must offer reasonable accommodation, including allowing a service dog to accompany you to work.

The Air Carrier Access Act (1990) allows service dogs to fly in the aircraft cabin with their handlers free of charge.

The My ESA Theraist Promise

The Letter Complies With State and Federal Laws

We offer ESA letters that are fully compliant with emotional support animal laws in Oklahoma, ensuring you have the necessary documentation to access your rights and accommodations with confidence.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If the doctor rejects your application for an ESA letter, we will refund your money. It ensures that you can trust in the legitimacy and quality of our service.

A Fast-Paced Online Process

We offer a fast-paced online process for obtaining your ESA letter, allowing you to access the support you need quickly and efficiently.

Licensed Healthcare Professionals

Our team consists of licensed healthcare professionals who can assess your needs and provide legitimate ESA letters tailored to your situation.

A Dedicated 24*7 Support Staff

Our dedicated support staff is here to assist you at any time and provide prompt and helpful guidance throughout the process.

Budget-Friendly Renewals

We offer budget-friendly renewals. So, you can maintain your ESA owner status at affordable prices without compromising quality or compliance.

Word From Our Customers

While struggling with anxiety, I was hesitant to reach out for help, but My ESA Therapist made me feel comfortable from the start. The therapist was non-judgmental and understanding, and I felt heard and validated throughout the consultation. Thanks to their support, I now have my ESA letter and a newfound sense of confidence.

James Simms

My ESA Therapist has changed my life. My anxiety made living alone at home nearly impossible. Now that I can bring my dog, I can calm down and focus on him rather than my anxiety. I'm also able to go about my daily activities with a newfound sense of ease which looked impossible before.

M. Roach

My landlord contacted My ESA Therapist, and they spoke to him and cleared all the doubts he had and also signed additional documents required by the landlord. I'm grateful for their assistance in facilitating clear communication and ensuring that all parties involved were satisfied with the arrangement.

S. Greer

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Register My PSD or ESA Dog in Oklahoma After Obtaining The Letter?

You don’t need to register your psychiatric service dog or emotional support dog in Oklahoma. If your company asks you to complete the registration in a government database, it’s a fraud. You only need an ESA letter from a healthcare professional.

Is There Any State-Recognized Training Procedure For PSD In Oklahoma?

There is no national or state-recognized certification or training standards for service animals. This means that service dogs may be trained either by the handlers themselves or by a professional trainer.

Can You Have Multiple ESAs In Oklahoma?

You can have more than one emotional support animal in Oklahoma. However, your documentation must mention your need for multiple ESAs. It should also outline the specific reasons why multiple ESAs are necessary to address your mental health needs.

What Restrictions Can My Landlord Place On My Emotional Support Animal In Oklahoma?

Under the FHA, your emotional support animal is free from housing restrictions. Your landlord can not restrict your ESA based on breed, size, or species. However, your landlord can deny your accommodation request if your ESA puts undue financial and administrative burden or threatens the safety of others.

Should Your ESA Need To Wear A Vest Or Any Other Identification Marks?

Animal laws in Oklahoma say a vest is not required. While an ESA vest is not a legal requirement, you can use one for your animal if you believe it would be beneficial.

Who Can Qualify For An Emotional Support Animal In Oklahoma?

To qualify for an ESA in Oklahoma, you must have a diagnosed mental health condition, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other psychological disorders. A licensed mental health professional must make this diagnosis.

Can I Fly With An Emotional Support Animal In Oklahoma?

After the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) was modified in 2021, ESAs are no longer allowed to travel with their owners. To travel with them, they must meet the legal qualifications that apply to pets.