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How to Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

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Many people who are in dire need of mental health support struggle to keep their ESA or emotional support animal along with them. They face barriers that make it either difficult or impossible to get the ESA. People do not know how an ESA is crucial for their owner to alleviate their mental disorder.

An ESA (Emotional support animal) is a pet that provides companionship and helps treat various mental disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, and much more. The pet can be any animal like a dog, snake, horse, squirrel, bird, cat, etc. But a dog and a cat are often used as ESA. They can be the reason behind why someone is on the verge of a collapse but still doesn’t have panic attacks.

Bring your pet anywhere with an ESA Letter

People who need a companion animal, and carry their animal with them into the places where daily life happens, need something official to show that their pet legally belongs there. That official letter is called an ESA letter. When you have ESA approval for your pet, you can solidify their place by your side.

An ESA letter is a legal prescription from a registered medical health professional which authenticates the need for animal support to treat mental disabilities in an individual. Moreover, an ESA letter allows you to enjoy various privileges. For instance, the official ESA letter enables you to move in with your ESA in “no pets” properties. The ESA letter allows you to travel with your registered animal on some airlines.

How to Get an ESA Letter?

Through an online system, it’s easy to find help from a registered medical health professional without leaving your home. I think it offers a cost-effective way for people to find their needed help. If physical screening makes you nervous, that’s another good reason to explore using an online service.

Many people raise questions about whether it is a good idea to get an ESA letter from an online therapist or not. See, it does not matter whether you are going for online or physical treatment; the only thing that matters is that the professional is qualified to write an ESA letter.

Let’s talk about the process of getting an ESA letter. Let me tell you, the process is quite simple.

Steps for getting an ESA Letter

  • Find professional help:
    Find a licensed medical health professional that is familiar with emotional support animals.
  • Schedule an appointment with your medical health professional:
    Schedule an online or face-to-face appointment with your therapist.
  • Fill up the form:
    Patient’s Details
    That includes basic details of the Patient like the patient’s name, gender, DOB, etc.
    Pet Details
    That includes essential details like breed, age, gender, etc., and the number of pets you want as an ESA.
  • Select the desired ESA letter:
    You can choose from different types of ESA letters. The ESA letter for housing will allow you to live with your pet in apartments where pets are restricted. The ESA letter for traveling will allow you to travel with your pet on some airlines.
  • Have an open conversation:
    Have an open discussion with your therapist about your mental health issues. Remember, this is the most crucial step. So, do not hesitate to share everything going on inside your brain.
  • Request an ESA letter:
    Request an ESA letter from the therapist as proof that you have mental issues and are qualified for an emotional support animal.

A registered mental health professional must approve your pet as an ESA before issuing you an official ESA letter. Now, we will discuss the eligibility criteria for an ESA.

Who Qualifies for an ESA LETTER?

Requirements for an ESA letter are becoming more strict because some people are using an ESA letter as an excuse to dodge no-pet policies in apartments. According to federal law, only a person who is under the care of a registered medical health professional for mental disabilities and whose symptoms can alleviate by the presence of an animal qualifies for an ESA letter.

Those individuals may have one or more of the following mental disabilities:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD ( Post-traumatic stress disorder )
  • OCD ( Obsessive-compulsive disorder )
  • Phobias
  • Bipolar Disorder

These are just a few names. Consult your medical health professional for a complete list of medical disabilities necessary for an ESA letter. A person is qualified by a registered medical health professional who has determined that the patient’s mental health will benefit from the companionship of an animal. Some of the benefits of having an emotional support animal are:

  • Better sleep and social life
  • Less stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less panic attacks
  • More energy for day-to-day tasks
  • Inspired and with a sense of purpose


ESA letter provides the advantage of fighting emotional turmoil like depression, stress, anxiety, and other diseases. If you are interested in an ESA letter, the first and most important thing you should know, only the registered medical health professional has the right to provide ESA letters. For a genuine ESA letter, contact My ESA Therapist.

Money Back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments Required.

Why Choose My ESA Therapist?

ESA Letter is not a cure to any mental disability, it is just a legal document signed by a therapist that certifies your disability and gives your pet the status of “emotional support animal” so that you get the freedom to take your pets to restricted places.

At My ESA Therapist, we aim to provide a better life to you through the companionship and love that you attain by the presence of your pet. We are here to assist you in proclaiming your privileges as a pet owner and deal with uncooperative tenant restrictions and outrageous pet deposits.


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Our Simple 3 Step Process For Your ESA Evaluation

1. Fill-up and Submit ESA Evaluation Form Online.

2. Get Evaluated by a Licensed Professional.

3. Get Approved, and Receive Your ESA Letter Instantly via E-mail.

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