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Here Is What A Sample ESA Letter Looks Like

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Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are pets such as dogs or cats that can offer mental comfort to people suffering from various mental disabilities like depression, stress, PTSD, anxiety, and more. To qualify for an ESA, you need to obtain an emotional support animal letter from a registered medical professional. This letter confirms your need for an ESA and legally qualifies you to bring your pet along wherever you go.

There are strict punishments and felonies for presenting a fake ESA letter to landlords, public businesses, or transportation providers. To avoid punishment or penalties it’s crucial to be aware of the emotional support animal letter sample.

Information That Should Be Included in a Legitimate ESA Letter

There is some defined information that every ESA letter should include. This information protects the privacy of the individual and has information that proves that the person has a right to receive ESA privileges.

So, a legitimate ESA letter should be written on the official letterhead of a registered mental health professional and must include this list of specific information:

  • The name of the registered mental health professional
  • Whom the letter concerns, i.e., the patient’s name
  • Type of mental health disabilities that the patient is suffering with
  • Phone number of the doctor
  • The type of medical license
  • Date the medical license was issued
  • The state of the therapist’s jurisdiction
  • The type of animal or the breed of the animal
  • Role of Emotional Support Animals in Patients’ Therapy
  • That they are your therapist and are currently treating your disability
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).
  • Signature of the licensed health professional

Who Can Prescribe An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

Only a licensed mental health professional (LMHP) in your state or locality can issue an ESA letter. Any registered mental health professional can write ESA letters and state the animal is part of your treatment. The list of who can write ESA letters includes:

  • Primary Care Physician
  • Licensed Mental Health professionals including (psychologists, psychiatrists, or consolers).
  • Licensed General Physician

Is It Hard to Obtain An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

Obtaining an ESA letter is not difficult, especially if you are experiencing a mental disability and are currently in the care of a medical health professional. Mental disabilities like anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar disorder, and PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) qualify you for an ESA letter.

Talk to your therapist about your need for an emotional support animal to help improve your medical disability. If he agrees that your mental condition could improve by having an ESA, he will gladly write you an ESA letter.

Moreover, if you are not under the supervision of any therapist, you can still get an ESA letter by physically visiting or scheduling an online session with a therapist. You can find many registered medical health professionals online who can issue you with an emotional support animal letter. He will cross-examine you and checks your previous medical records. If he finds our need authentic will give you a valid ESA letter.

If your therapist is unfamiliar with writing ESA letters or you are not sure whether it is a fake ESA letter or not. You can find an ESA letter sample online and match it with your ESA letter, and you can compare the above information with your ESA letter to check its authenticity. Moreover, you can download and print an emotional support animal letter template and request your medical health professional to fill it out with your specific details.

How to Tell if an ESA Service is NOT Genuine

Not written by a licensed mental health professional (LMHP).

A legitimate ESA letter should be written by A Licensed Mental Health professional (LMHP). Depending on your state, a primary care physician or physician’s assistant may also be considered an LMHP.

They do not have a license to practice in your state or city.

For a legitimate ESA letter, your LMHP must be licensed to practice in the state you are living in. In some cases, a landlord declines an ESA letter due to the letter was not prescribed by a local therapist.

There is NO screening.

A screening is a must to ensure you are indeed qualified to receive an Emotional Support Animal Letter. If an ESA service prescribes an ESA letter without any screening that means your ESA letter is not authentic, and you have to face hurdles for reasonable accommodations.

Say no to register your animal

There is no national, state, or city-level registry for emotional support animals. Remember, an ESA is not required to be registered anywhere. If you’re medical health professionals ask you to join at the national or state level that means they are trying to fool you.

Get a Genuine ESA Letter at My ESA Therapist

Having a legitimate ESA letter allows you to stay anywhere without facing discrimination and protects you from paying extra charges because of your animal. My ESA Therapist is medical health professional who can provide you authentic ESA Letter.

Feel free for a consultation with us today!

Money Back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments Required.

Why Choose The My ESA Therapist?

ESA Letter is not a cure to any mental disability, it is just a legal document signed by a therapist that certifies your disability and gives your pet the status of “emotional support animal” so that you get the freedom to take your pets to restricted places.

At My ESA Therapist, we aim to provide a better life to you through the companionship and love that you attain by the presence of your pet. We are here to assist you in proclaiming your privileges as a pet owner and deal with uncooperative tenant restrictions and outrageous pet deposits.


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Our Simple 3 Step Process For Your ESA Evaluation

1. Fill-up and Submit ESA Evaluation Form Online.

2. Get Evaluated by a Licensed Professional.

3. Get Approved, and Receive Your ESA Letter Instantly via E-mail.

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