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Publish Date: August 19th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
Best Fresh Food For Dogs
Becoming a puppy’s parent is not an easy task, as you always wanted your pup to get the best that your dog deserves.

Since you care so much about your fido, you might also be concerned about your dog’s food.

With the increasing trend of healthy food options in the market, fresh dog food is another hot topic that everyone follows these days.

Through this blog, let’s learn more about the best fresh dog food.

What is Fresh dog food?

Fresh dog foods are homemade meals that are human-made for their puppies. This food contains high-quality protein sources, veggies, grains, and supplements to meet nutritional needs.
However, nowadays, dog food manufacturing companies are there to provide fresh dog food for your fido. Fresh dog food is cooked within A few days before your dog eats it up. There are only a few additives and preservatives in your dog’s food.

Why fresh pet food?

There are many reasons for choosing fresh dog food instead of kibble, raw food, organic, grain-free, healthy, age-specific food for the dog. As an owner, you must want your dog to eat as nutritious as we are eating ourselves. A fresh meal does not contain preservatives and low-grade meat and has all the nutrients that can keep your dog healthy. It’s found that dogs who eat fresh food have higher energy levels, glossier coats, healthier appetites, and a more regular pooping schedule.

Best Fresh pet dog food for your dog

Let’s check out some of the best available fresh food for dogs.

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1 The Farmer’s dog:

The Farmer dog serves an online fresh food service that delivers fresh, handmade dog food right to your door. They believe in offering your dog human-grade food which is tested and tried by humans. They ensure that all the nutrients must be present in the food for your pet.

Major health benefits:

  1. The food is prepared with locally sourced ingredients that are nutritional and delicious.
  2. Recipes are made by vet nutritionists.
  3. Healthy and human-grade ingredients were used.

2. Ollie:

Ollie is another most preferable fresh dog food that ensures quality and flavor in the food. It is a premium quality fresh and nutritional food readily available online and delivered at your doorsteps. If your dog is among those picky eaters, then it might be a suitable choice for them.
Major health benefits:

  1. Better for digestion in dogs.
  2. It can alleviate health issues and allergies if your dog suffers from any.
  3. This food results in shinier coats, more energy, and better overall health for their dogs.

A Pup Above:

A pup above is another fresh pet food provider that serves a premium quality meal for your pet. The thing that makes them different from others is that they cook their food sous vide. Sous vide is a cooking method in which all the ingredients are put in a sealed plastic bag and cooked in the water bath at a precise temperature. It helps in retaining more nutrients and flavor than others.
Major health benefits:

  1. They use high-quality meat and pesticide-free vegetables that lead to several health benefits for dogs.
  2. The meals are made in human-grade kitchens with high-quality ingredients.
  3. Unique sous vide cooking technique makes the food extra tasty.


FreshPet is the best fresh food for dogs that is readily available in most pet stores in the U.S. The food is prepared using a good range of flavors in different forms that contain grain-free and proteins packed full of veggies like carrots, peas, and spinach.
Major Health Benefits:

  1. Used a variety of fresh ingredients which don’t need to be frozen.
  2. Contains Vitamin and Antioxidant-Rich Vegetables.
  3. It does not contains preservatives or fillers and includes natural products.


People are switching their dog food routines to fresh dog foods by looking at the changes in their pets. The mentioned above are one of the best dog food brands that serve your dog with the best. Fresh dog food prevents your dogs from health-related diseases and leads to a healthier life. So, if you are looking forward to choosing fresh dog food, it can be a better option for you and your puppy.

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